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Professional Preparation Steps For Your Next Event:

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No one warned me about the sheer terror that comes with speaking on stage! The spotlights were blinding me, but if I could see the crowd, I was pretty sure the looks of embarrassment and slight disgust on their faces would haunt & humiliate me for the rest of my career.

Picture of the crowd at my talk

A month before I had received an invitation to talk in front of 350 musicians (I was in the string section of an orchestra at the time) about my bowing and bow placement technique, factors that are critical to fine orchestral playing.

I said yes, asked zero questions so I didn’t look amateur, and then procrastinated on preparing until 2 days prior to event day!

Putting the PowerPoint presentation together was easy… but I realized that my knowledge & experience in the subject weren’t enough; I had no idea how to handle any of the details that must be taken care of to deliver an excellent presentation.

These details that make a performance truly great are exactly what we help you crush inside our new performance planning tool…

Introducing the...

Spotlight Planner - Performance Preperation System

A complete preparation system for getting you 'stage ready' before your next speech/keynote, podcast guest appearance, meeting or private conference, webinar, radio feature or livestream appearance. For each presentation type we have developed comprehensive:

Guided Walkthroughs

Primers/refreshers walking you though the complete prep process for each presentation type.

Booking Sheets

Centralized collection of all the details you need to organize your presentations, from stage timing to contact info.

Logistics Breakdowns

Organized checklists to get you from home to the venue and walk you through your on-site setup.

Tech Preparation Sheets

Checklists and run-through sheets covering all the audio and visual details that you and program partners/tech crew must cover.

Countdown Timelines

Final pre-spotlight instructions going over everything you need to handle in the hours and minutes before showtime.

Failsafe Back-up Procedures

Worksheets to create back-up plans before event day & prompts to discuss with any partners or tech crew in the run-up to the event.

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We Have Answered All Of The Critical Questions So That You Can Consistently Deliver Jaw-Dropping Presentations

The Spotlight Planner Answers all of your presentation questions

If you have a big presentation day approaching, have you though about details like 'how will the Q&A section of my presentation work?'

If you're up on stage, how will audience members talk to you; will they come up on stage, or stand in place, or approach a microphone placed in the isles? Who will take the mics to audience members, and how do you indicate to them when and who you want to accept questions from?

If you're preparing a digital presentation like a livestream appearance or webinar; how will interactions with chat/attendees be handled? Is there a signal between you and the host to indicate that you're ready (or not!) to answer specific questions or expand on a certain point?

Before I went up on stage in front of 350 people and observed how unprepared I was compared to other professionals giving talks that day, I had never even thought about details like these, let alone other necessary preparation steps that go into delivering a truly great performance, such as:

  • What will I do if I have a technical malfunction mid-presentation? Are the audience going to wait in awkward silence while I try and find a technician to reboot the system, or will I have a complete back-up and hard copy notes ready and waiting?
  • How long am I supposed to talk for and how will I know how much time I have left?
  • What should I be doing (and not doing) 72, 24, 5 and 1 hour before my presentation begins?
  • How do I get to the venue that I'm giving the keynote speech at, and once there do I know where exactly I'm speaking, what time I need to be ready for, who will be introducing me and the best/recommended way to enter the stage?

The Spotlight Planner is designed to answer all of these questions (and many more that you haven't thought of yet, but will become critical as your performance date gets close!)

Discover what true preparedness feels like before your presentation

Cover every possible detail of your presentation & discover the clarity that comes with true preparedness!

The anxiety & intense stress that comes with presenting to an audience who are all focused on & staring at you resembles how our bodies react to physical signs of danger. Stress responses are hard-coded into our DNA! The optimal human response to a potential attack is preparing and engaging. While the pre-spotlight stress is intense, the bliss that comes with a solid plan of action is the best tool you can have before getting on stage.

Generate a proper backup plan for your presentation to cover any emergencies

A proper backup plan is the key to avoiding humiliation in the spotlight

US Navy SEALs have a phrase to fall back on during strategic planning: "Two is one and one is none." This idea simply emphasizes the importance of a backup plan & is applied to everything in a SEALs world; from battle plans to weapons, gear and clothing prep. We have adopted this focus on backup plans and fail-safes and developed iron-clad backup systems that you must prepare before your presentation! We also walk you through communicating your backup procedures with your partners and any tech crew in the run up to the event, so everyone knows what the fail-safes are.

Our 100% Presentation Of A Lifetime Guarantee

Performance of a lifetime guarantee

Spotlight Planner customers trust us to get them up on stage (physical or virtual) feeling confident & focused with all the details of their performance covered. We're confident that the Spotlight Planner will do the same for you. So confident that we offer a 100% 'Performance of a Lifetime' Guarantee: follow all of the preparation steps in the Spotlight Planner for your presentation type (speech/keynote, podcast, in-person meeting, webinar, radio feature or livestream) and read through the guided walkthroughs, and if you don't give the best performance of your life, get a full refund on your purchase price! Find out more in the help center.

The Spotlight Planner is Trusted by High-Level Performers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Spotlight Planner work? Will it help me to give an excellent presentation?

Top influencers have to be a lot of things, but one unexpected role for those new to performing is master of details. What hidden details & problems do top influencers, speakers, presenters & performers have to crush before they get in front of an audience and present? That's what you will find out in the Spotlight Planner!

The Spotlight Planner is the presentation bible that you never knew existed. It's the backup brain you can depend on to keep you calm, organized and prepared, from the moment someone approaches you for a booking until you've left your audience excited, some might even say 'buzzing', about your performance. The goal of the Spotlight Planner is to help ensure that every tiny detail of your performance falls into place smoothly, and that there's a fix for any glitch, so that all you have to think about is delivering your performance and enjoying the acclaim & awe afterwards.

The Spotlight Planner will become the first thing you pick up when you book an appearance or agree to showing up, and the last thing you check in the run-up to your event! You can make the Spotlight Planner your go-to guide for preempting problems, protecting yourself from oversights during your moment in the spotlight, and walking into any situation with complete peace of mind!

Who is the Spotlight Planner designed for?

The Spotlight Planner contains two parts; the first contains universal guidelines for personal preparation that you can apply to every type of presentation you might give. These guidelines will help you think about all of the basics; like your wardrobe, practice time and other pre-event fundamentals that you'll want to have purring smoothly in the background.

Following that, you'll find guides and specially tailored worksheets for planning several different types of performances, specifically:

  • Speeches & Keynotes
  • Meeting Presentations (e.g., live pitches or corporate presentations)
  • Podcasts
  • Radio Shows
  • Livestreams
  • Webinars
Why should I listen to you? How do you know how to deliver extraordinary presentations?

The company behind the Spotlight Planner, PerformZen, we help performers from all walks of life (from sales people in enterprise sales nervous about their next call to TV stars seeking alternatives to prescription drugs for their performance anxiety) to overcome their fears and anxieties so that they can get on stage or in front of the camera and knock their performance out of the park. We do this day in, day out.

In the process we have spoken to thousands of customers who share their worst-case scenario fears about an upcoming performance and want solutions. They ask "what am I missing?", "what one thing trips up most performers when they get on stage that they could have solved for beforehand?" and, the most common question: "HOW DO I PREPARE FOR THIS PERFORMANCE?"

Jane Nguyen, founder of PerformZen & co-author of the Spotlight Planner, works with these people to help them create customized structured plans to make sure they cover every detail of preparation necessary to make their final performance, presentation or show be as stress-free as possible.

Jane excels at this because this is exactly what she did as an orchestra violinist during her long career: planning every detail she could before every performance in order to help with her debilitating performance anxiety issues that were threatening to end her career.

By planning out and covering every detail of her performance before getting on stage, from working with stage engineers to determine lighting positions & angles where she would be seated, to testing different clothing materials so that she was comfortable and stage appropriate; Jane broke down every detail of her performances into checklists, prep sheets and "don't forget about this key detail…"" indicators.

The result? Her mind was quiet whenever she stepped on the stage. Everything was taken care of. Now all that was left to do was the easy part. The part she actually loved and cherished: performing.

Fast forward several years, and we have compiled all of this collected knowledge about the art of presenting, and compiled it into the best preparation tool available to a performer attempting to get ready to get in the spotlight for a speech/keynote, podcast, in-person meeting, webinar, radio show or livestream appearance: The Spotlight Planner.

How will the Spotlight Planner be delivered? Is it a digital product?

The Spotlight Planner is a (very) in-depth set of documents & files containing a lot of pages, detailed illustrations and activity sheets. In order to keep the cost reasonable, and allow you to re-use the worksheets for every different presentation you give, we're offering it as an instant digital download delivered as soon as you order instead of a physical copy that can take up to several weeks to deliver, depending on your location.

A physical copy of the Spotlight Planner is being worked on, and all digital customers will receive a hefty discount, essentially just covering costs).

Can I see the Spotlight Planner's 'Table of Contents'?

Absolutely, we have uploaded a screenshot of the Spotlight Planners in image form here.

How does the 'Performance of a Lifetime' Guarantee work?

The Spotlight Planner was created to get you up on stage (physical or virtual) feeling confident & focused with all the details of your performance covered. We're confident that the Spotlight Planner will do the same for all of our customers. So confident that we offer a 100% 'Performance of a Lifetime' Guarantee.

How this works is that if you follow all of the preparation steps in the planner for your presentation type (speech/keynote, podcast, in-person meeting, webinar, radio feature or livestream) and read through the guided walkthroughs: if you don't give the best performance of your life, we will give you a full refund. You can read more about our Performance of a Lifetime Guarantee in the help center.