How does the Spotlight Planner work? Will it help me to give an excellent presentation?

Top influencers have to be a lot of things, but one unexpected role for those new to performing is master of details. What hidden details & problems do top influencers, speakers, presenters & performers have to crush before they get in front of an audience and present? That’s what you will find out in the Spotlight Planner!

The Spotlight Planner is the presentation bible that you never knew existed. It’s the backup brain you can depend on to keep you calm, organized and prepared, from the moment someone approaches you for a booking until you’ve left your audience excited, some might even say ‘buzzing’, about your performance. The goal of the Spotlight Planner is to help ensure that every tiny detail of your performance falls into place smoothly, and that there’s a fix for any glitch, so that all you have to think about is delivering your performance and enjoying the acclaim & awe afterwards.

The Spotlight Planner will become the first thing you pick up when you book an appearance or agree to showing up, and the last thing you check in the run-up to your event! You can make the Spotlight Planner your go-to guide for preempting problems, protecting yourself from oversights during your moment in the spotlight, and walking into any situation with complete peace of mind!

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Last updated on March 4, 2023